Love • Currently Craving

I thought I might switch things up and share a couple of things that I am just dying over right now. Just dyiiiinnggggg. Lets have a little fun and pretend we have all the money/time/most awesome metabolism in the world and that we can just go out and buy/do/eat all these things. K? K.

First, these stacked rings. Just how cute would these causal-but-fancy things look on my hand? How cute?! {Scout Mob}

Oh and this necklace. Awesome. {Scout Mob}

Next, this hobo bag. Perfection. {J.Crew}

I just really want these shoes on my feet. Please. {Madewell}

This S’mores Cinnamon Roll Cake needs to get in my belly. {Baker’s Royale}

These Cake Batter Donuts might need to happen in my kitchen. Just sayin’. {Doughmestic Rebel}

Dirty Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting. Whhaaaaaaaaat. {Veggie and the Beast}.

This living room can be mine if it wants. I wouldn’t mind. {Blue Print Store}.

I think I need a bar cart and I think it should probably look something like this. {Camille Styles}

Finally, I don’t have to covet this beautiful bouquet because it’s currently sitting on my dining room table, but can you think of a more gorgeous way to start the week?


What are you all currently coveting? Happy Monday!


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