New Haven Eats

You guys, have I mentioned that I live in New Haven? I know, I know. New Haven’s reviews are a little mixed these days. But I’m telling you, this small city is on the upswing. Mostly, in my opinon, because of the food. New Haven has AWESOME food. I’ve lived here for almost a year and a half and still have so many more places I want to try.  I thought I might highlight a few of my favorites in case you ever find yourself here and in need of a good meal.
Claire’s Corner Copia– Oh my god this place is great for everything. It’s super healthy, super delicious, and is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, whatever! It’s vegetarian, organic and sustainable and is run by a fellow nurse (holler). It has the most gorgeous baked goods, salads and smoothies this side of anywhere. I have dreams about their nachos. I’m not kidding. Eat here. Now.
c.o. jones– I seem to be finding myself at this Mexican joint over on State Street near East Rock a lot recently. It might have something to do with their half-price margs from 5-7 on weeknights. They have all sorts of flavors and the their tequila is some kind of wonderful. Oh, and their tacos rock, too. They even brand them. NBD.

photo 1

Bentara, a Mylasian spot, has been a favorite of mine since I first moved here. Their drinks are to die for, and these mussels?? Oh my goodness, these mussels. The sauce they’re cooked in has the perfect amount of spice and warmth… I literally drank it out of the bowl. I’ve never, ever, had anything from their menu that I’ve found even remotely mediocre, and neither has anyone I’ ve been with. If you’re looking for ethnic food with a high-end flare, go here. Just do it.

photo 2

116 crown– Sometimes a girl just needs a fancy cocktail (I know at least 99% of you can totally relate). This place is perfect when that craving hits. The atmosphere at 116 Crown is very chic and the drinks are delicious.  Slightly expensive but, trust me, it’s worth every penny. Their Tom Collins is one of the best I’ve had, ever.

photo 4

Greenwell– My favorite, favorite coffee shop. There is always a great mix of fellow Yalies and young profressionals getting work done here… it’s a great study environment.  Their Americanos are soooo smooth and lovely. Their fruit bowl is out of this world. The music they play at the perfect volume in the background is always killer. Just make sure to get here early enough on the weekends so you can claim a seat!

You guys, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great places, it was hard to choose what to share with you first. If you’ve been to New Haven, what are your favorite spots? I’d love to hear them!

photo 3

Oh, and summer grilling is awesome. Always.


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