Love • Lately {Early June}

I feel like we need a little food hiatus. We’ve been looking at some pretty delicious recipes on here and it’s been totally great, but I thought I’d switch it up and  share with you a few of my latest non-cuisine related  obsessions (I’ll get right back to the food tomorrow, I promise!)

photo 1

I found these sweet little note cards last summer at a boutique Stillwater, MN called Mara-Mi. I literally had to be dragged out of the store.  I may have snuck back in an hour later. They have stationary, journals, home accessories, pretty much anything adorable. They even have a little cafe with cupcakes. I want to live there.

photo 4

I’m mildy addicted to Nike Free’s. I just bought this orange pair and I think they’re pretty much the most amazing things ever. Kind of obnoxious, mostly awesome.

photo 3

Men. Listen up. If you have a girlfriend, wife, friend, mom, whatever, bring her this new Lindt Dark Chocolate Bar with a Touch of Sea Salt and she will think you’re pretty much prefect. I know this to be true.

I bought a gift from untie, a vendor I found on Etsy, and now must have one of everything. That is all.

photo 1 photo 4photo 2

photo 3

I spent this past weekend at an amazing lake with some wonderful people.  The view was fantastic, the food was just so good, and is that not the most beautiful lakeside dining room you’ve ever seen?? Take me back.

photo 2

And, since we’re talking about my loves, Gus must be included. For obvious reasons.

What you currently obsessing over?


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