Life and Lemons • Riverland Farm

Wait, wait, wait. Have you guys ever heard about CSA shares? Oh, you have? Am I the last person on earth to learn about this fab idea? Oh, I am? Hm.

Whateves, it’s cool. Because now I am fully informed and completely on board with this AWESOME invention (better late than never!).

Basically, you buy in to a membership of sorts at a local farm and then get a share of the harvest once a week for the entire season (June-November ish). So its kind of like a semi-endless supply of ever changing seasonal fruits and veggies picked literally yards away from where you pick them up. Seriously, how could I miss this??

photo 1

I was enlightened regarding the amazing-ness of CSA’s on a recent overnight visit to my parents’ in Western Massachusetts (see above, don’t be jealous). My mom told me we had to go pick up her CSA share, and once I discovered that CSA=food, I rearranged my entire day so I could go on this particular errand.

photo 5

We found ourselves at Riverland Farm in Sunderland, Mass. Just the cutest little place on earth. The cutest. And the place was packed (If you’re familiar with Sunderland, you can understand how shocked I was to see so many people in once place). As soon as we walked in I could see why.

photo 2

The little farm stand was packed with the most beautiful veggies ever. Lots of greens, radishes, early summer squash. And, you guys, YOU COULD PICK YOUR OWN BERRIES. We all know that nothing beats berry picking. Even better is that, at Riverland Farm, berry picking is included in your CSA share. Whhhhaaaatttt?! (I have no pictures because I got too excited and forgot).

photo 3

They also sell items from other local farms and small businesses. Think cheese, milk, baked goods. Basically anything delicious/adorable. There was the nicest girl behind the counter, and Meghan and Rob, the farmers, are married and live together on the farm. So sweet. I die.

photo 4

We got SO many veggies and berries this week, and I have some posts coming soon that incorporate produce from this week’s haul. If you guys have a CSA in your area, or are lucky enough to live in Western Mass near Riverland Farm, I suggest you give it a try, either this year or next!

GusGus looooovveess CSA shares, and looovvees Riverland Farm.

photo 1


10 thoughts on “Life and Lemons • Riverland Farm

  1. We love our CSA but the farm that we get ours from is quite a distance so I pay a bit extra for their delivery service. Your visit looked great.

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