Life and Lemons • Late May

This past week has felt like a whirlwind. Between starting a blog, working nights and a fun filled weekend, it’s safe to say that Sunday came a little to soon this time around.

My weekend was off to a wonderful start when I went to Lena’s in Westville for breakfast and mimosas after a night shift (the drinks were so desperately needed after a busy night that I couldn’t even snap a pic!). This place is  adorable, quaint, and the food is unreal. Going on a Friday meant we didn’t have to duke it out with other patrons for a table. Sometimes working nights has it’s perks!

Last Saturday was one of  the best days I’ve had in a while. I spent it outside in the sun at my lovely friend Jane’s house in Madison (Hi, Jane!).

photo 1

I mean, really, does life get any better?

photo 2

We definitely could have done a lot worse for ourselves. Not a cloud in the beautiful Connecticut sky.

Later, I met up with friends for drinks at Mezcal. The sangria was ridiculosly flavorful and absolutely to die for (read: loaded with alcohol). We’ll be going back ASAP.

photo 2

Saturday night was capped off by grilling with friends. We were outside until latelate and it was pretty much perfect. We ate the most massive steaks I’ve ever seen (literally, like, half of a cow), drank too much wine and devoured this amazing salad (check back tomorrow for the recipe!).

photo 1

Nom nom.

In addition to salads, this week was also filled with delicious seasonal fruits and veggies. The sweet cherries this time of year are my faves, the color is heavenly.

photo 1

Until next week…


{a great find on a morning run in Boston}



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